Holly Young

policy advisor

Holly Young (PhD) joined Impact in July 2011 and is a researcher, specialising in international projects on terrorism and radicalisation. 

As of May 2017, Holly has been working on the Pericles project, a new initiative undertaken under the European commission Horizon2020 programme. This research focuses on the paths which lead individuals to terrorism, the needs of law enforcement personnel, and effective means of supporting families who are concerned about one of their members potentially joining an extremist group or engaging in violent activity.

The goal of Holly’s work is to condense the knowledge available from academic research, the experiences of professionals dealing with radicalisation and former radicals into a format which is of genuine, practical value to people tackling this problem - law enforcement personnel, schools, youth workers, social workers families and those who are themselves vulnerable.

She is the first author of the TERRA toolkit (2014). This collection of manuals and tip sheets is targeted towards people who come into professional contact with vulnerable groups. The TERRA toolkit can be downloaded free at terratoolkit.eu. Train the trainers based upon the TERRA toolkit were delivered to 200 professionals in the UK and 100 in the Netherlands and Spain. A citizenship curriculum for secondary school pupils now also augments this material, along with policy advice for national governments (H. Young et al 2016).

Holly is experienced in researching amongst vulnerable groups, having worked with children in conflict zones, and victims of human trafficking prior to her specialisation in radicalisation.

+31(0)20 6601908