Jorien Holsappel

policy advisor

Jorien joined Impact in March 2011, working on a project on post-disaster commemoration ceremonies. This enabled her to use and extend her knowledge and experience on themes like ritual, spaces, religiosity and commemoration, which she acquired during the previous four years, writing a dissertation on rooms of silence in the public sphere. The field of post-disaster psychosocial care kept fascinating her, so after finishing the project on commemoration, other projects followed.

Among others, she has been working on a joined project with Amsterdam Community Health Service on the quality of post-disaster psychosocial care. She’s also involved in the realisation of a centre of expertise on the theme of resilience. She’s especially interested in the relation between trauma and – collective and individual – memory; and the different aspects creating and shaping memory, like ritual, symbols, space and monuments, media, culture and religion.

+31(0)20 6601908