Michel Dückers

senior policy advisor

“Optimal psychosocial care and support for communities and those affected by shocking events. That’s the goal – to achieve this, we must know what the essence of good care is and which approaches work. At Impact, we translate lessons from science, policy and practice into knowledge and advice products which can be beneficial to the working context of care and service providers.

Still, we understand that this is just a first step. The implementation of this knowledge forms a major challenge. This is only achieved once this knowledge finds a place in the thoughts and behaviour of those involved in practice – professionals, volunteers, managers and policy-makers. Literature shows that the gap between theory and practice does not close of own accord. There are factors which must be taken into account during this process - These affect the dissemination of new working methods, and thus, eventually, the optimization of psychosocial care and support in general.

Against this background we strive to integrate psychosocial principles and working methods into the organization of emergency management and disaster planning. Not only with regard to the initial response, but also during the often lengthy time path of recovery and aftercare. The knowledge has to be visible in everyday practice.”

Michel Dückers holds a masters’ degree in public administration and wrote his PhD-thesis on quality management and organization development in hospitals. He is an experienced project leader, researcher and advisor, with broad knowledge of qualitative and quantitative research techniques.

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