Project overview

Impact is involved in projects commissioned by and in cooperation with the Dutch government, local governments, Police, Fire brigades, ambulance services, mental health organisations, victims organisations, universities and other knowledge and research institutes. These projects take place in both a national as an international setting.


OPSIC reviews existing guidelines and best practice-studies for psychosocial support in crisis in order to match methods and tools to all relevant target groups, types and phases of emergencies, and to develop an IT based system – an Operational Guidance System (OGS) – which will function as a go-to-point for all tools needed to plan, conduct and evaluate a psychosocial support intervention.


European guideline for Targetgroup Oriented Psychosocial Aftercare - Implementation
Following the successful completion of EUTOPA, European Guideline for Target Group oriented psychosocial aftercare, the work was continued within EUTOPA-IP.

CBRN incidents and PSS

The risk regarding incidents in which toxic substances (CBRN - Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, Nuclear) are released has increased in almost all EU Member States.


Training frontliners, victims and formers to prevent radicalisation, supporting de-radicalisation and disengagement and encouraging citizenship.


European network-based prevention and learning program
The first TERRA project, TERRA I, produced the TERRA toolkit, a comprehensive resource for front line workers. It is designed to support people who come into professional contact with young people who may be at risk of radicalising.