European network-based prevention and learning program
The first TERRA project, TERRA I, produced the TERRA toolkit, a comprehensive resource for front line workers. It is designed to support people who come into professional contact with young people who may be at risk of radicalising.

The TERRA Toolkit contains manuals for teachers, youth workers, religious leaders, and law enforcement personnel about how professionals can recognise radicalisation, how they can work together in a preventative community approach, and tips for how to handle the person they had concerns about. It also contains manuals for journalists about reporting on radicalisation, and for policy makers at both local and national level.

This toolkit was developed on the basis of scientific research (please click here for the literature review), the expertise of professionals specialised in radicalisation, and the knowledge and experiences of both victims of terrorism and former radicals. The testimonials of some of these victims and former radicals is available on the TERRA Toolkit website, along with interviews with experts from TERRA’s various target groups, teachers and youth workers, police personnel, experts in prison, probation and parole, journalists and religious leaders. Leading academics in this field also share their views. Together, they present a clear and nuanced view on current knowledge both on radicalisation and deradicalisation.

The TERRA toolkit can be used as information and educational material as the basis for discussion and further research.

TERRA I was led by Impact/ Arq Psychotrauma Expert Group. Partner in TERRA I was AAV-11M Madrid Spain.

For more information see the TERRA website, or contact TERRA’s project leader, Magda Rooze.